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  1. Throne of Azora

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    Map Info: A story driven game with RPG features, which takes place in the Kingdom of Azora, a medieval world with little fantasy elements. Take control of Ethan, a veteran soldier and his companion Sammy, a dog. The game begins with our hero coming back from the army to his home town, but not everything is as he left it. After the Mayor died, his daughter Sarah took over and she can't keep things under control - bandits have begun raiding the nearby farmers, which makes food scarce. Ethan wants to help return things to normal but this is only the beginning of his troubles. Gameplay: During the game you will be making important decisions to the story, which have their consequences, so choose wisely. Almost every main and side quest will have this feature. It's an open world game with many NPCs doing their own daily routines, while you travel around the world, discovering hidden routes and caves. The main aspect of Throne of Azora is its story. While beginning as a simple quest, it slowly increases the scale of events. The story takes around 1,5 hours to complete without completing any sidequests. This is not a campaign, but a single map. Please put it in the correct folder :)
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