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  1. Greece

    5/5, 1 vote
    Greece is a strategy game set in ancient Greece in the time before the Peloponnesian War. There are 12 playable city-states, such as Sparta, Athens and Troy. Players are free to ally and unally each other at will. Each nation has 2 special units based on history, such as the Spartan Hoplite, Macedonian Cavalry, Theban Sacred Bands and Persian Immortals and Elephants. Boost your economy by building Farms on farmland and constructing Agoras. Compose your army according to an intricate counter system to best your foes. Utilize the powers of ancient wonders to wreak havoc on your foes and to strengthen your nation. More battles:
    EagleMan, Mar 27, 2016, WC3 Strategy Views: 837 Comments: 0 Read More
  2. The Alternative Future - World War II

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    THE MAP IS FINALLY RELEASED! LOOK FOR IT ON MMH AS: WW2 - TAF 2.0C.w3x Map Design by Bear_God Map Implementation by: Pookie Initial Unit Stats by: Coldstream UPCOMING UPDATE: --THE ECO NUCLEAR UPDATE-- V2 Rocket Platforms Mild Bomber AoE Infantry Carrier Trucks Researchable Reconnaissance path for Britain "Break Enigma" Researchable Nuclear path for USA (Plane Based Delivery) Researchable Nuclear path for Germany (V2 Rocket Based Delivery) Convoys (sea) to be implemented Convoys (land) to be implemented Post 1945 Path for Germany if they survive Post 1945 scenario Path for Germany and USA if Germany fails Below is a list of units that are slated to be available to each nation. This list is very likely incomplete and will be subject to change over time. Generic Units/Structures (Available to everyone) Machine Gun Bunker Strongpoint Starfort Radar Installation Trench Barracks War Factory Naval Base Air Base Logistics Factory Research Center (Five Variants) Builder Commander Spy Plane Mobile Artillery (Must be unpacked for use) Anti-Aircraft Artillery (requires unpacking) Battleship Battlecruiser Heavy Cruiser Light Cruiser Destroyer Submarine Liberty Ship Paratrooper Transport Supply Ship Marine Infantry (Battleship/Battlecruiser) Great Britain British Infantry S.A.S. Indian Colonial Infantry Cruiser Tank MK IV Matilda Tank Mk. II Cromwell Tank Churchill Heavy Tank Sherman Firefly Land Mattress Rocket Artillery Supermarine Spitfire Mk. II Supermarine Spitfire...
    Pookie, Oct 29, 2017, WC3 Strategy Views: 125 Comments: 2 Read More
  3. Azeroth Reimagined

    4/5, 2 votes
    In short Azeroth Reimagined is a Grand Strategy Sandbox RPG set in a alternate Azeroth together with a alternate Outland map. Featuring customizable factions, beautiful advance environments and custom Heroes. The Grand Strategy Sandbox RPG of this game come from the fact that you spawn into this world with in a randomly selected location with no clue about your surrounding other than the layout. You are immediately faced with the choice of picking your faction, which in turns gives you a shit ton of choices later on how you want the faction to play like. On your first play-through you may end up as the Mage-Empire of controlling the North Kingdoms or the you may end up as the Dwarven-Giant Vikings from the Land of the South Seas with different units available for you. Now that you shit your pants about the amount of failures you can do within the first minute of gameplay you now can explore your surroundings and build your first base, if your lucky you may find a player nearby who wants you as their ally, or you could be unlucky to find a trio of pros ready to gank your sorry ass. The lands you will explore in this game is not the regular static zones you find in other game, the land actually affects your units in positive or negative ways. You enter a zone which is snowy and cold, this could mean that your soldiers freezes and have a lower movement speed than normal or you may enter a desert which due to lower amount of food and water makes your units...
    Linkin, Mar 8, 2015, WC3 Strategy Views: 3,817 Comments: 4 Read More
  4. In-Development LoC - Rise of Ellesai

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    Current Version: 1.15 Current State: Beta Map Genre: Diplomacy/Altered RTS Game Features Rise of Ellesai is a diplomacy style maps combining aspects of Empire, Europa, and Europa Before Rome along with its own unique systems. The game features five different forces that make up the States of Ellesai and each state has two unique forces -- the Capital City and the Military. Capital City forces are tasked with conquering the fewer but wealthier Towns and Cities that dot the swamps of Ellesai. Furthermore, the State Capitals are the centers of Diplomacy and thus it is the Capital City players who control the ability to create Alliances or sign Non-aggression pacts. The armies of the Capital City are made up the professional soldiers of the city along with of retinues of elite troops and overall tend to use newer warfare technologies. Military forces are tasked with conquering of the greater but relatively poorer Castles scattered throughout Ellesai. These castles have been built along borders and in places of interest and thus form natural barriers against invasion when properly built up and supported. While the Capital Cities are tasked with Diplomacy, it is the job of the Militaries to entrench the surrounding lands through the use of the Castles and Border Forts. The armies of the Militiaries are made up of the more common levy units but also may bring forth powerful specialist native to their states. The States of Ellesai - The State of Walrussia Walrussia is reknown...
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