[Temp. Changelog] Lordaeron: TA 1.50

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    Lordaeron: the Aftermath 1.50
    Temporary Changelog
    Editor's Note
    Version 1.50 marks a milestone for L:TA, as we're now halfway to version 2.00. With this in mind, as well as having plenty of time on my hands after the holidays and waiting for school season, I decided to once more go for it and start working on a large patch. This patch will be a large content, balance and bug patch, altering the game in several new and challenging ways.
    NOTE: This changelog is TEMPORARY and NOT complete. This means that this OP/main post will be updated regularily until release. Nothing is set in stone.
    - Draupne

    - Almost all of the heroes in the game has been checked and had their collision size readjusted into categories. Previously, nothing determined a hero’s collision size, only random numbers. There are now 4 collision size categories for heroes: Caster (20), Skirmisher (25), Warrior (30) and Giant (42). ALL heroes will now be placed into one of these four collision categories, except keeping sporadic numbers.
    - Resistant Skin, one of the most important and game-changing Passives in L:TA and Warcraft III in general, was for all this time given secretly to a multitude of the heroes in the map. Some heroes has Resistant Skin, while others do not. This has been fixed. I will write a full list of heroes affected by this change.
    - The Forsaken and the Burning Legion will now automatically unally eachother after 10 minutes of elapsed game time. This gives incentive for both of them to more often try some of the paths and alliances they have available. This is reasonable, since they may ally again later as the Putress coup anyway.
    - All Demi-Heroes except Dar’khan Drathir now requires zero food value, Dar’khan still costs food due to the fact that he is trainable.
    - New global event music has been added to the Dark Iron path for Dwarves and the Super Plague research for Forsaken
    - Several named structures around the map has had its food value adjusted to a more suitable amount
    - Baradin Wardens lost their Anti-Piercing plate, instead receiving +115 hit points

    - Hellfire Peninsula, Terokkar Forest and Nagrand has been reterrained
    - The Twisting Nether is receiving a reterrain
    - The Tirisfal/Scarlet Monastery has been reterrained and a small mountain pass has been added between there and Northern Lordaeron. This mountain pass has destroyable boulders blocking the path.
    - Uldaman has been added into the map as something more than just a deco/creep camp in Badlands.
    - Eastern Hillsbrad foothills has been slightly reterrained near Dun Garok
    - Windrunner Spire and the surrounding area has been reterrained


    - Illidan’s skillset (non-empowered and empowered) has been revamped. His vanilla-WCIII melee skillset was not on-par with the expectations for him as your main hero as Illidari. More details to come soon.
    - You now need to destroy Deatholme in order to ally the Forsaken as well, not just the Horde.
    - The spells, tooltips and stats of the San'layn heroes and some unit types have been fixed. More details to come.
    - Aethas Sunreaver now starts with the Protective Trinket item, like the one that Grand Inquisitor Isillien has. The Sunreaver Staff was removed.

    - New unit type: Fallen Hero. Fallen Hero is a ranged attacker unit with magic damage that may cast Purge. This is not really a caster unit, more like an archer-unit with magic damage. Maximum amount: 5
    - You no longer require to repair the Frozen Throne to summon Anub’arak.
    - You start with 2 extra Crypt Fiends in Icecrown

    - The Twisting Nether has been changed in structure and performance. More info to come.

    - Rhonin must now channel the New Dalaran path spell right outside the Dalaran ruins, instead of inside the Dungeons. This was done to prevent rushes. As a compensation, the spell has a slightly longer channel time.
    - Genn Greymane and Darius Crowley has new models and hero icons
    - Darius Crowley now has Heroic Leap as a new ultimate ability, an ability that leaps him towards a target area, dealing damage and knocking enemies slightly away.
    - The Greywolf has been changed to Greymane’s Blade, granting +6 Agility and +5 Attack Damage. The change was done in accordance with Greymane’s new model.
    - You start with 2 extra Footmen in Silverpine


    - Dwarves now has a researchable Event that lets him donate ownership of Menethil Harbor to Light Blue if Tyr’s Hand is destroyed. This event is free to research and gives Dwarves 125 gold and lumber as a compensation. Light Blue will also gain a small garrison force there for free. Will not transfer ownership of any units, only buildings. Only works while Light Blue is still playing regular Silver Hand.
    - Dun Garok has been expanded into an actual base with a capturable building.
    - You no longer start with a garrison of units in Northern Lordaeron, these units and buildings have either been moved to Dun Garok or removed.
    - Dwarven Warriors, Wildhammer Shaman, Mortar Teams and their Dark Iron counterparts now has the Stoneskin passive ability, that reduces incoming damage from ranged attacks by 8. This passive will only be active when the Dwarves control Dun Modr, Dun Algaz and Dun Garok simultaneously. Thargas Anvilmar and Keegan Firebeard also has this ability
    - You now have a new quest/event gig to complete near Uldaman (more info later)
    - You can now research the Explorer’s League event from most named structures, and not just at regular Town Halls
    - Ironforge’s main building provides +50 food instead of 0 food.
    - The Skybreaker has Resistant Skin, +2 armor, Siege attack, better attack damage and a new unique gunship model.
    - Gyrocopters has +50 hit points
    - Brann Bronzebeard’s zeppelins from his ulti have new models.
    - New global music has been added to the Dark Iron path once you trigger it.

    - A new path has been added to Dark Horde: the Illidari Fel Horde path. This path becomes available once Magtheridon is dead, and the Blood Elves has chosen the Illidari path. Illidari and Dark Horde will then become allies. Dark Horde will lose Blackrock Mountain, Rend Blackhand and access to Nefarian, in return getting new Outland and Illidari related content.


    - Hammerfall has been expanded into a proper sized base. Drek’thar now starts here along with a bigger garrison of units.
    - Elder Torntusk has been added as a new Demi-Hero in Revantusk Village to replace Drek’thar. Torntusk will despawn if you go True Horde, like Krazz despawns at Mag’har.
    - Garrosh now has Heroic Leap as a new ultimate ability, an ability that leaps him towards a target area, dealing damage and knocking enemies slightly away
    - Cairne Bloodhoof’s level at spawn is now based upon Gorn’s experience instead of Drek’thar’s
    - Captain Krazz can now build certain Orc and Goblin structures, as well as repair buildings
    - Nazgrel now has a Demi-Hero inventory like other Demis do
    - Gorn has a collision size of 24 instead of 38 (he had a larger collision size than ragnaros and deathwing)

    - Mug’thol and Snarlmane now has a 2-slot inventory, like all other Demi-Heroes. Mug’thol also got the Thick Skin ogre passive.
    - New global music has been added to the Super Plague event (spooky!)


    - Unholy Magic Mastery now requires 120 seconds research time instead of 20 seconds
    - The Stratholme Slaughterhouse starts with less mana, and its mana regeneration is lowered
    - Undead Alexandros Mograine has a new model, reduced movement speed and his Evasion now also grants Critical strike (like the living Alex has)
    - Lord Alexei Barov’s Cursed Ground AoE spell has been buffed by a lot. It previously dealt very little damage for its mana cost and cooldown.
    - Kel’Thuzad now uses the Lich model from Reign of Chaos, to make him stand out more from the other Liches
    - The unintentional Spirit Tower that was added in 1.49 at the Plaguelands has been removed


    - The small dwarven base in Northern Lordaeron has been given to Silver Hand instead, and the units there has been replaced by proper Silver Hand units.
    - Saidan Dathrohan now has Hammer of Justice instead of Holy Light as his Q ability. Hammer of Justice is a Storm Bolt with slightly shorter range than usual.
    - Saidan’s Warhammer now grants +4 Intelligence and +5 Attack damage. It can no longer be dropped manually, but drops upon death instead.
    - Paladin’s Chastise AoE spell has been corrected, it now has a higher maximum damage yield, and does not provide wrong information in the tooltip.
    - You can now once more acquire the Scarlet Monastery while playing as Scarlet Crusade, and not just the Onslaught. Sally Whitemane will be removed by going Argent Crusade.
    - Alexandros Mograine and Renault Mograine has new models (the Alexandros model at the courtesy of Waves_Blade or Peacegetter)
    - Renault Mograine will now spawn near the building that completed the research which calls upon him.

    - Akil’zon and Hakkar has a much higher collision size
    - Mana Wards from Shadow Priests now has shorter effective radius, and their duration has been reduced from 40 seconds to 25 secods. Their cast range is reduced from 500 to 400.

    - Dranosh Saurfang has inherited Garrosh Hellscream’s “Order Siege Strike” ultimate
    - The cooldown of the Demon Chain’s ability (Mor’ghor’s item) is increased from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and the cast range is reduced from 800 to 500.

    - It no longer spawns 3 Keep Lord Farsons at the Scythe of Elune
    - Graymane Manor and the Arcane Observatory now trains the correct type of Militia Peasant
    - Purple no longer has permanent vision of what happens at the entrance of Dark Horde’s base in Blackrock Mountain
    - Drek'thar may no longer open any portal other than the Deepholm portal
    - Super Plague alliances have received an attempted fix
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    I wonder by losing access to getting Nefarian after I ally Illidari, does that mean that I can get Nefarian first then ally Illidari or will I lose Nefarian?
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    Can we get some screenshots of new terrian?
  4. ImSoDamnedLaz


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    Wretched Scourge alliance, whatever the name is: Can't construct any of the new units, such as the nobles or the bloodmages ( i think, spellbreaker model ). Old elites, the sorcs, are not replaced, so i can have 8 elites. Furthermore, can you do something to the demi that blood elves start off with, the ranger. She doesn't transform at all when you wretched or go scourge, kinda weird.

    Also, i find it very odd to give a melee elite group 2 ranged heroes and only 1 melee. I feel as though it should be backwards, 2 melee and 1 ranged.
  5. Three.


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    I'm a longtime LTA player, and an AW player before it. I really enjoy your maps. However, my friends and I have some recurring problems in this map that I'd really like to see addressed. This is just my feedback, so I might be mistaken about any number of things!


    I really like that Dalaran needs to immediately choose between two very different playstyles. Dalaran is more interesting in LTA than in Azeroth Wars. The problem is that for some reason, Dalaran is the only player in the game that can't change alliances. Dalaran is meant to support a team of three other players that can all leave the team. This is impractical in the game, and it contradicts the story because in WoW Dalaran actually becomes one of very few faction neutral cities.

    Dalaran is strong under the right circumstances, but it feels like the faction was made without knowing that all three of Dalaran's teammates might betray them. I would like to see Dalaran gain faction paths with the Horde at a minimum. Cult Of The Damned or Scarlet alliances might be interesing too.

    Another suggestion is to make Kul'Tiras more significant. Instead of being available to Dalaran by default, Kul'Tiras could be a third path to pick instead of Gilneas or New Dalaran. Alternatively, Kul'Tiras could instead be taken out of Dalaran's hands and instead given as a path to another faction to ally with purple. Kul'Tiras is the only human kingdom standing on the map, so it could be more significant.


    Forsaken is the map's most extreme faction. Left unchecked, the Forsaken will amass a huge economy, gain powerful tech and forge some of the game's most unbeatable alliances. However, this rarely happens anymore because the Forsaken take early game vulnerability to such an extreme that half the players in the game can wipe them out incidentally.

    I love the concept behind Sylvanas clawing her way from the weakest player to the strongest player, but I don't think Forsaken should be so weak or isolated that a decent rush is usually game over. The Legion rarely helps anymore as is, which will only get worse when they're changed to unally automatically at 10 minutes. A reterrain to fortify Deathknell might work, or maybe two separate starting bases.


    The trolls really feel like a step up from every other race on the map. They start with two big cities next to weak factions, they can reliably rush Aerie Peak or Quel'Thalas, they can change alliances or go independent, and they scale just as well as any other race in the game. I don't have any interest in this faction, but I find myself playing it when forced off my comfort roles because it's so hard to lose as the trolls.

    I think the problem here is that the trolls can't be rushed, so they can use boats to group all their units on one continent. By themselves neither Jintha'Alor or Zul'Aman are overpowered, but the starting forces from those cities should not group. I would like to see the trolls have a reason to defend their cities early rather than evacuating them to rush someone else. Maybe Aerie Peak, Silvermoon and Deatholme could all gain powerups from destroying their respective troll cities?
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  6. iliya


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    Quite on point on trolls in my opinion. None of their bases are in danger early game.

    In late game tho once Azilkon is summoned they don't need either of their bases. No one cares is Zuljin is not revivble since he is pretty hard to catch or kill. specially with Unit lag added. Now since they don't have an important base to worry about unlike every other faction, they can just hit and run with heros and scrolls of speed till they get high levels then activate their other bases like Gunrak and get really high level heros which makes them Ultra strong!

    They fact that early game their bases are not rushed and mid-late game they don't need to protect any base is what makes them really strong! to OP and anoyying level. I am kinda afraid of this patch since now they will get Free Quel'thalas most games since most Blood elves will want to try out Illidari.
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